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Leveraging AI NFTs to turn NFTs into the next payment

Want a performer to personally welcome the guests in a ticket? By enriching existing NFT tickets of Oveit with the AI technology of, we enable Oveit to generate unique artwork for every single NFT ticket.

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Recent AI projects

Synthetic Media x AI NFT

SaaS Studio Platform to produce High quality video at scale using AI & Synthetic Media.

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Bringing NFTs to life!

Talkens is the innovation that brings NFTs to life by encapsulating neural network in newly mintes AI NFTs.

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Speak in any language

Transforming AI Voices to any language

Training your AI Voice with the language you want. We enable AI Voices to transform in any language, in the AIverse.

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Or discover some of the other upcoming AI projects that define our future reality.

Voice of X

Create the Voice of your Community

Involve and engage your audience by collecting their voice and turn it into a single Voice of Community.

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Clone your Voice

Bring your AI Voice into web3

Make your voice live forever by cloning it in your preferred language.

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