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Whether you're an experienced Web3 fund or coming from a more traditional investment scope, Humans Scale is here to take you on the next step in your journey. With our AI Launchpad, we offer you unique and innovative AI startups to invest in. From small tickets to large participations, we support you in getting your hands on the best opportunities. Want to learn more about investing in Web3 companies? We are the partner to guide you! Apply now as friend to the program and benefit from many perks.

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Originally, we started as traditional AI and Synthethic Media startup in 2019. For security, scalability and financing reasons, has transitioned into a Web3 company, with the mission to scale human potential to achieve the AImpossible.

We now use our experience to make the same transition from Web2 to Web3, but while keeping focus on what they're good at.

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The perfect technological framework for AIs to be created,
used and monetised tracking everyting on the chain.

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We offer you a front-row seat for most promising Web3 AI Startups, plus updates, webinars and events for your colleagues on AI, web3, blockchain and more. Access the best AI tech and solutions now and become a Partner in Humans Scale.

First Project

Leveraging AI NFTs to turn NFTs into the next payment


Make every NFT Ticket unique.
Billions Trillions.

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AI x Blockchain

By pairing AI and Blockchaine together, we manage to address some of the most pressing issues
concerning the ethical creation and use of artificial intelligence and synthetc media.


Blockchain to address the AI ethical dilemma


Creating a transparent,
borderless and limitless
ecosystem and a fair rewarding mechanism


Building your company
scalable and get funded more
easily by creating your own economy


Use AI NFTs, an intelligent asset
class that bridges the gap
between AI and Blockchain


Unleash creativity,
participation, democratization
and sutainability of AI.

Challenges in having the right resources to
secure future of your AI development?

Involve researchers and developers globally, by
engaging your community and rewarding them
fairly for contribution.

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