We accelerate
the AImpossible

The first AI Launchpad in the world, giving you access to Web3 without defocus.

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AI Startups &

Accelerate your AI on blockchain, while financing
and monetizing your development.

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Get access to the most promising AI startups in
the world and get acquinted with the Web3 world.

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#1 AI
Launchpad in
the world

The most modern launch platform that enables AI startups to enter the Web3 world and giving investors the chance to become part of the most promising AI projects in the world.

Supported by a scaling program that services in the creation of tokenomics, legal support,ecosystem development and various other tools, in order to sustain the transition from Web2 to Web3.

First Project

Leveraging AI NFTs to turn NFTs into the next payment


Make every NFT Ticket unique.
Billions Trillions.

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AI Startups & Developers /

Switch your AI to Blockchain

The Blockchain of AIs

A collection of DAPPs able to make u a super-human.

Finance your AI

Get funding for your technology in a ready to sell blockchain based ecosystem

Involve Community

Join the Humans ecosystem and have a global stage for your technology from the start

Get fairly rewarded

The perfect technological framework for AIs to be created, used and monetised tracking everyting on the chain.

Switch to web3

We provide support for your AIs to transition to web3.0 without defocus

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Investors /

Preferred access to high
potential Web 3 AIs

Front-row seat

For Web3 AI Startups

Global Program

Global Reach

Like-minded partnership

No strings attached - Soft Commitment for possible investment

Learn about Web3 world

We take you on a journey as well

Additional revenue of existing portfolio

Aiming at extended runway of startups

Join our parner network

Enrich your existing
solutions with unique
AI on Blockchain

Do you work with NFT tools, e-commerce platforms or any other,
and want to personalize and bring them to life?

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